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Yukiwa 35cm Silver Teardrop Barspoon

Yukiwa 35cm Silver Teardrop Barspoon

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These Yukiwa bar spoons are my favorite for a lot of reasons. The tight twist of the shaft feels great and makes them easy to control while stirring. The edges aren’t sharp but still provide a good grip. I’ve also noticed a lot of poorly designed bar spoons that have little to no curve at the spoon and I hate that; it’s like working with a flat paddle! The Yukiwa is set at a nice 30° angle. This angle helps when stirring to reduce agitation and keep air bubbles from forming in the liquid.

The teardrop at the top is perfectly sized and weighted to maintain a good balance; it isn’t top or bottom heavy at all. This makes it easier to maintain control and avoid the annoying clinking and clanking of the glass we all try to avoid! Lastly the spoon itself has nicely rounded edges, which may not seem like a big deal until you’ve seen some of the poorly stamped bar spoons that look like unfinished sheet metal.

A good stir is an art form. It takes lots of practice! A good barspoon is a pleasure to use, makes learning easier, and improves an already great stir.

Did I mention that these look fantastic? 😄

  • 35 cm long
  • Teardrop design
  • Fine twist makes for easy handling
  • Angled spoon allows for a proper stir; keeping air bubbles out and reducing agitation
  • Perfectly balanced; not top or bottom heavy
  • Nicely finished edges and thoughtful design show real craftsmanship and quality
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