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Miracle Mile Bitters Co.

Miracle Mile Bitters Co. Yuzu Bitters

Miracle Mile Bitters Co. Yuzu Bitters

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Made by Miracle Mile Bitters Co. these Yuzu bitters combine prominent notes of citrus peel with a bit of faint lemon, grapefruit, and thyme. They’re lemony and herbaceous but not spicy — nicely sweet and not too bitter.

Yuzu will benefit any cocktail with citrus flavors. I like it in a French 75, Tom Collins, and Southside. A drop in your gin martini at home will make a world of difference. Don’t forget to garnish with a lemon peel!

Yuzu is a variety of citrus that originated in central China and Tibet. During the Tang Dynasty it was introduced to Japan and Korea. It’s flavor is tart and closely resembles that of grapefruit with overtones of mandarin orange. It’s pretty interesting for a citrus variety because it grows in colder regions. It can even handle a small frost!

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