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M-TAKA Yarai Mixing Glass

M-TAKA Yarai Mixing Glass

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This 550ml mixing glass from M-TAKA is hands down the best bang for your buck! It’s hand blown, completely seamless, and it’s side walls aren’t needlessly thick.

The Japanese Yarai pattern is hand cut, not molded, into the glass and is sparklingly beautiful. What I think what I like the most about this mixing glass is that the inside bottom isn’t completely flat. The interior edge meets the base with a bevel and this curved transition makes stirring with a well angled bar spoon fluid and effortless. The base is also nice and thick making it stable and hard to knock over.

Like all blown glassware there might be a small bubble or imperfection. It’s perfectly normal!

  • 550ml capacity
  • Yarai pattern
  • Hand blown and cut glass
  • Seamless
  • Beveled interior base
  • Thick heavy base for stability
  • Made by M-TAKA in Japan
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