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M-TAKA Gold 50cc Bitters Bottle

M-TAKA Gold 50cc Bitters Bottle

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These glass bitters bottles look great behind the bar or on the shelf at home. They’re simple, elegant, and add a dash of sophistication to your kit. If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan like I am they’ll make you feel like you’re mixing up a real magic potion. Who knows, maybe you are? 😉

Pretty is nice, but functional is better! This bottle is made by M-TAKA in Japan and is 50ml. It’s comfortable to hold between your fingers in a variety of positions and flip for a dash.

It’s also very important when making cocktails or creating new ones that the dash is consistent. Believe it or not it’s really something that can break the balance of your drink. I did a bit of quasi-scientific testing and determined that this dasher, when consistent force is applied, produces a 0.2ml dash give or take 0.02ml. It of course will change as the bottle gets very close to empty. Given that the bottle holds ~40ml or 225 dashes when filled to the top of the bulb I don’t think you’ll get too low during one shift. If you’re making 50 old fashioned’s in a row you may need a bigger bottle!

A few tips on a consistent dash:

  • Apply consistent force when dashing. Don’t be too gentle or forceful.
  • Don’t let the bottle get almost empty.
  • A common mistake is to flip the bottle over quickly as part of your first dash. Don’t do this! It traps an air bubble and makes your first dash really small. Instead, tilt it over a bit slower making sure there is no trapped air. Don’t worry, the bottle won’t leak but it will ensure your first dash is the same as your subsequent ones.


  • Stylish and functional
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • 50ml / 45ml when filled to the top of the bulb
  • Holds ~225 dashes when filled aesthetically
  • Produces ~0.2ml dash*
  • Made by M-TAKA in Japan
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