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  • Mar202017
    Very Approachable Bourbon Cocktails

    Very Approachable – Bourbon Cocktails

    There are a lot of people who proclaim “I don’t drink bourbon”, “It’s too strong”, or give you a stare like you’ve asked them to sip on motor oil. What the hell is this? We’re American. Well at least I am; if you’re not carry on, no offense intended!

    In all fairness taste is subjective but I believe that you can always find the right drink with any given base spirit for every palette. The desire to sneak a few bourbon cocktails into my friends inspired this drink! 😉


    Tatiana East
  • Mar182017
    Whiskey Cocktails with Pomegranate Juice

    Blood & Clay

    I love pomegranate and I love rye whiskey. As it turns out they’re really good together! Because cocktails with pomegranate juice are becoming so popular I thought it’d make for a great spin on the classic Blood & Sand.

    The Blood & Clay was born!


    Tatiana East