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  • May092018
    Heath elixir Cocktail with Blackberry

    Health elixir

    This cocktail has a lot of really great health benefits! Blackberries are packed with antioxidants, manganese and vitamin C. Cynar has the health benefits of artichoke; or so it was believed when it was create! By combining these two ingredients together I present you with a Health Elixir! It’s fruity and refreshing with a lightly bitter finish. It’s not a sweet cocktail, since too much sugar certainly isn’t good for your health.


  • Apr142018
    Spring Time Cocktail

    Spring on Main Street

    This cocktail taste like spring in the glass. Combination of gin, lavender and mint is refreshing, light and herbaceous. It will keep you cool under spring sunshine.


  • Jul212017
    Strawberry Cocktails With Gin, Tomato, & Thyme

    Thyme for Tomato

    T he combination of strawberry and tomato may sound bizarre but it actually quite delicious. Everyone loves strawberry cocktails with gin and this unique take is no different! Strawberries benefit from the acidity in the tomato and they help the taste become more pronounced. A little thyme rounds the flavor out and brings it all together!

    Its very summery, refreshing, and delicious.


  • Jul182017
    Amy's Special - A Cocktail That's Not Sweet

    Amy’s Special

    T his drink was originally created for one of my regular customers. In her exact words, “I want something with vodka and grapefruit but not sweet. I don’t like sweet.


  • Mar202017
    Very Approachable Bourbon Cocktails

    Very Approachable

    There are a lot of people who proclaim “I don’t drink bourbon”, “It’s too strong”, or give you a stare like you’ve asked them to sip on motor oil. What the hell is this? We’re American. Well at least I am; if you’re not carry on, no offense intended!

    In all fairness taste is subjective but I believe that you can always find the right drink with any given base spirit for every palette. The desire to sneak a few bourbon cocktails into my friends inspired this drink! 😉


  • Mar182017
    Whiskey Cocktails with Pomegranate Juice

    Blood & Clay

    I love pomegranate and I love rye whiskey. As it turns out they’re really good together! Because cocktails with pomegranate juice are becoming so popular I thought it’d make for a great spin on the classic Blood & Sand.

    The Blood & Clay was born!