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  • Mar202017
    A Lightly Spicy Blueberry Cocktail

    Spicy Blueberry Cocktail

    On one of my nights off my husband asked me to make him something fruity and refreshing. On the occasion he drinks at home it’s usually picked at random; off the shelf and neat. So this was a request out of place. Nonetheless, I got to digging around in my refrigerator and oh… all I had was lemons and blueberries! I didn’t even have simple syrup made. In fact, the only syrup I had was a cinnamon one. 😑  Right? I decided to roll with it. The worst that could happen is my husband doesn’t like it — but drinks it anyway. Because he loves me.


  • Mar182017
    Amelia - A St Germain Cocktail

    Amelia – Blackberry Cocktail

    This is my twist on the Amelia – a lovely St Germain cocktail. I really like the original but I thought it was a little too thick. Instead of blackberry puree, I use a blackberry liqueur. It’s much lighter and certainly more refreshing!