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  • Jan152019
    Rust and Gold Cocktail

    Rust and Gold

    This is a play on the classic cocktail Gold Rush. Instead of using just honey syrup I’m using both honey and ginger syrup. It makes a great combination. Ginger provides a little kick of spice that creates a great combination of flavors for January weather. Stay warm and enjoy it! (more…)

  • Feb092018
    Spiced Apple Cocktail

    Spiced Apple

    The hardest part of cocktail creation for me is the name. To translate the idea and the feeling of the cocktail is quite difficult.
    It was rather cold January here in Florida. I don’t remember last time it  went below 32F. I come up with something easy to make and delicious to drink and it will keep you warm. Enjoy it:)


  • Feb042018
    Pumpkin Juice Cocktail with Garnish

    Pumpkin Juice #2

    If you’re a Harry Potter fan, a pumpkin lover, or you’ve ever been to Universal’s Harry Potter World you’ll probably love this drink. At Universal you probably wound up with an orange bottle that had a pumpkin cap. That’s right! The Pumpkin Juice! It’s delicious but definitely too sweet so I worked my magic and came up with a version I think is perfect. I hope you enjoy it at your next Wizards & Witches party!


  • Mar202017
    A Lightly Spicy Blueberry Cocktail

    Spicy Blueberry Cocktail

    On one of my nights off my husband asked me to make him something fruity and refreshing. On the occasion he drinks at home it’s usually picked at random; off the shelf and neat. So this was a request out of place. Nonetheless, I got to digging around in my refrigerator and oh… all I had was lemons and blueberries! I didn’t even have simple syrup made. In fact, the only syrup I had was a cinnamon one. 😑  Right? I decided to roll with it. The worst that could happen is my husband doesn’t like it — but drinks it anyway. Because he loves me.


  • Mar182017
    Whiskey Cocktails with Pomegranate Juice

    Blood & Clay

    I love pomegranate and I love rye whiskey. As it turns out they’re really good together! Because cocktails with pomegranate juice are becoming so popular I thought it’d make for a great spin on the classic Blood & Sand.

    The Blood & Clay was born!