Miracle Mile Bitters Co. Chocolate Chili Bitters

Miracle Mile Bitters Co. Chocolate Chili Bitters


This was the first flavor that Miracle Mile Bitters Co. launched and it’s still one of their best! It’s crafted with Valrhona cacao nibs, three types of chilis, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and star anise. The gentle heat and sweet chocolate flavor make this hand crafted small-batch bitters perfect for tequila or rum cocktails. You can even add it to ice cream and coffee to mix things up!

Tatiana’s Take
Sweet chocolate mixed with just the right kind of light chili heat makes this bitters downright delicious. It has a dry cocoa and spicy cinnamon finish that warms you up. I often use it as a twist on a tequila old fashioned or in a dark rum Manhattan. If you mix it with chocolate syrup it’s pretty amazing on ice cream!

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