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Miracle Mile Bitters Co.

Miracle Mile Bitters Co. Aged Forbidden Bitters

Miracle Mile Bitters Co. Aged Forbidden Bitters

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These limited-edition bitters from Miracle Mile Bitters Co. are a wonderful twist on Louis’s already delicious Forbidden Bitters. Barrel aged for six months in a Rye Whisky barrel from Sonoma County Distilling they’re truly something special and unique for the cocktail enthusiast.

Based on 19th-century aromatic bitters Barrel Aged Forbidden combines exotic root spices like Angelica root, Zedoary, and Galangal, along with aromatics such as Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon and Cardamom. A perfect match for any aged spirit.

Tatiana’s Take
This variation is less spicy than the original and the aging process has definitely mellowed it out. It’s dry with notes of cinnamon and clove that shine through. You can also taste the tannins from the wood. It’s a wonderful companion for an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

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