• Sep042019
    Up in Rosemary Cocktail with smoked rosemary

    Up in Rosemary

    Looking for something light, fruity, and not very sweet? Then this is perfect for you!!! It’s a delicious and refreshing take on the classic French 75 and who doesn’t like bubbles and strawberries?


  • Jul112019
    Summer Thyme Cocktail

    Summer Thyme

    It’s summer and it’s hot! Sounds like its perfect time for Pisco. For my Summer Thyme cocktail I infused Pisco with thyme to give it some extra herbal notes. Pisco and pineapple make a great marriage.


  • Jan152019
    Rust and Gold Cocktail

    Rust and Gold

    This is a play on the classic cocktail Gold Rush. Instead of using just honey syrup I’m using both honey and ginger syrup. It makes a great combination. Ginger provides a little kick of spice that creates a great combination of flavors for January weather. Stay warm and enjoy it! (more…)

  • Dec292018
    Eggnog Cocktail


    A lot of people hear the word eggnog and squint their faces in disgust. Often we think of the gross, thick, heavy mixture you can find in cartons at the supermarket. The interesting thing is that most people who don’t like eggnog have never tried anything else but the supermarket version! In contrast a homemade eggnog is a delicious creation that’s light and creamy with Christmas imbued into it. You don’t have to put tons of heavy cream! A combination of milk and just a little bit of heavy cream will make a light and delicious drink that won’t sit on your stomach like a brick.


  • May092018
    Heath elixir Cocktail with Blackberry

    Health elixir

    This cocktail has a lot of really great health benefits! Blackberries are packed with antioxidants, manganese and vitamin C. Cynar has the health benefits of artichoke; or so it was believed when it was create! By combining these two ingredients together I present you with a Health Elixir! It’s fruity and refreshing with a lightly bitter finish. It’s not a sweet cocktail, since too much sugar certainly isn’t good for your health.


  • Apr142018
    Spring Time Cocktail

    Spring on Main Street

    This cocktail taste like spring in the glass. Combination of gin, lavender and mint is refreshing, light and herbaceous. It will keep you cool under spring sunshine.


  • Feb092018
    Spiced Apple Cocktail

    Spiced Apple

    The hardest part of cocktail creation for me is the name. To translate the idea and the feeling of the cocktail is quite difficult.
    It was rather cold January here in Florida. I don’t remember last time it  went below 32F. I come up with something easy to make and delicious to drink and it will keep you warm. Enjoy it:)


  • Feb042018
    Pumpkin Juice Cocktail with Garnish

    Pumpkin Juice #2

    If you’re a Harry Potter fan, a pumpkin lover, or you’ve ever been to Universal’s Harry Potter World you’ll probably love this drink. At Universal you probably wound up with an orange bottle that had a pumpkin cap. That’s right! The Pumpkin Juice! It’s delicious but definitely too sweet so I worked my magic and came up with a version I think is perfect. I hope you enjoy it at your next Wizards & Witches party!


  • Aug092017
    Smoked glass

    Tatiana’s Smoked Old-Fashioned Recipe & Guide


    L ooking for a great smoked old fashioned recipe & guide? You’ve come to the right place!

  • Jul212017
    Strawberry Cocktails With Gin, Tomato, & Thyme

    Thyme for Tomato

    T he combination of strawberry and tomato may sound bizarre but it actually quite delicious. Everyone loves strawberry cocktails with gin and this unique take is no different! Strawberries benefit from the acidity in the tomato and they help the taste become more pronounced. A little thyme rounds the flavor out and brings it all together!

    Its very summery, refreshing, and delicious.