About Me

Tatiana East.

Bartender & Mixologist.

A good drink is a great way to bring people together.

Tatiana East was started because of a desire to share my love for this industry with people who aren’t able to see me at the bar. Also, I’m tired of working only nights! 😂

Whether that’s through quality products, yummy drink recipes, educational videos and articles, or just a browse through my Instagram I want to contribute something of value. I hope you’ll find a tool you genuinely enjoy using, learn something interesting, or simply enjoy a new cocktail after a hard days work. If you’re new to making drinks remember that it’s not as hard as it looks, delicious, and with a little practice can be a great way to impress your friends! Or that cute girl 😁

I’ve put a lot of effort into sourcing great tools and creating content that I think’s worth your time — not easy for what is essentially a one woman shop! If you’ve got any questions, want to share your thoughts, or need advice on what to order don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve made it super easy with live chat on the site and I’ll do my best to respond to questions right away.

If you’re an industry professional I hope you find something useful here as well! I’ve worked in the industry for a while and I know where you’re coming from, how long the shifts are, and can take a solid stab at what your needs might be. I’m always on the hunt for quality products that are actually useful so check back often or subscribe to my newsletter to see whats new. Shoot me a selfie from behind the bar to industry@tatianaeast.com or on IG @tatianaeast and I’ll send you a SIP discount code!

As long as you enjoy a good drink we’re on the same page!



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